A Vegan’s Choice

When acquaintances think of me, they think of my paintings or my poetry. Nonetheless, the most creative aspect of my life is a pure plant-based lifestyle. One may wonder how eating vegan can result in creativity. Studies on the plant-based lifestyle, including health benefits, caused me to go vegan six years ago and since then my creativity has flourished.

The vegan lifestyle is new historically as the word vegan was coined by an activist, Donald Watson in 1944. His frustration originated with the name “vegetarian” because the selection of food included forms of animal by-products such as dairy and eggs. The difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans do not eat eggs or dairy products.

Veganism is not only a dietary lifestyle but includes a nonviolence aspect to all living creatures. It is a philosophy of compassion that is in no way 100 percent pure because the world is too imperfect. A plant-based lifestyle is an attempt to make each choice from a place of sincerity and love.


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