The Creative Vegan


The vegan lifestyle will surround one with creative opportunities by finding delicious omnivore recipes and transforming them into plant-based creations. It takes some effort, but the results are exciting. The initial step is to get away from the myopic view of food. The object is to work in concert with nature by cooking food that is seasonal and keeping the flavors and taste from being repetitive. New and fresh ideas in recipes require some substitutions. The process is a continuation of finding new plant-based products while uncovering the hidden meat and dairy ingredients in processed foods. In the omnivore’s diet, it is rare to make a new food discovery. There is a sameness that invades the food landscape. When one comes upon something that is new and different in food, there is a sense of genuine exhilaration.

Here are a few essential substitutions:

Daiya Cheese Substitutes – Found in all grocery stores.

Gardein Meat Substitutes –

Miyoko’s Butter Substitute – Best price at Trader Joe’s. Highly recommend over Earth Balance which has unpleasant aftertaste even in baking.

Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer –

Sending you warm wishes on your journey.






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