Inspiring a Vegan at ‘Crossroads’

Tal Ronnen is the owner and chef of Crossroads Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. Crossroads stands out among the many vegan restaurants because it is an elegant place to dine. A restaurant where one could take anyone to celebrate a special occasion without feeling as though they were eating from a plant-based menu. Most of the vegan restaurants market themselves as bohemian or garden fresh. Ronnen realized a niche in the market that was neglected and met that need. When one walks into Crossroads Kitchen, the atmosphere immediately sets the stage. One begins to indulge their senses from the white tablecloths to the intimate feeling of being pampered. The food is the star, and the artistry illuminates from the visual to the taste. When one visits Crossroads, they will understand that plant-based cooking is a creation. The delicacies at Crossroad Kitchen are refined and not just a bunch of sides. As unique as it is to dine at Crossroads, taking the time to create their dishes is not something one could accomplish without lots of experience. Nonetheless, it is like going to a museum and visualizing great works of art for the artist. The paintings, or in this case the food art is inspirational for my home cooking.

Cookbook available at Amazon and other book stores.

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