A Vegan’s Thanksgiving Eve

Norman the therapy pig.

As many individuals get on the road to join their family and friends for Thanksgiving, it reminds me of how humans have the incredible ability to disconnect. The mind allows one to drive seventy mph on the highway in a five-thousand-pound car next to other vehicles doing the same without much concern. If one thinks about the dangers of driving, one might never get on the road again. A part of disconnection is significant for an individual to accomplish daily activities. Nevertheless, the same detachment happened to me when eating meat. I disconnected from the reality of consuming an animal. I discovered that eating meat was not necessary for my survival. A bonus to the plant-based lifestyle is that vegans are responsible for letting animals exist naturally. As an animal lover, I felt happier knowing that I was not contributing to the death of an innocent creature. Every year that I don’t eat meat two hundred animals will live out their natural existence, per PETA. A bonus of the plant-based diet includes remarkable health benefits.

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) https://www.peta.org

Living by compassion and speaking by way of actions for those that cannot speak. 

I met Norman in 2015 at the Texas Veggie Fair. He is loved and admired by so many. Below is a short video of Norman at Southern Methodist University. His personality shines bright for so many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lIcLLAtzIU

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