The Magic Meat Fairy Does Not Exist: Reality of a Vegan

As I began the plant-based diet, I knew eating would be difficult especially since I lived in a place referred to as Cowtown. The stock show is the most significant event in Fort Worth every year where the end climaxes with the auction of a cow for its meat. Here is a quote from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the champion. Notice how they used the word ‘processed.’ 

“The zoo keeps it for a year, then sends it off to be processed.” 

It is a visual trick. The meat industry wants people to believe in the meat fairy, and the illusion that meat magically appears at the grocery store. When one hears the word ‘slaughter,’ instead of ‘processed’ a visual reality is pictured. The meat industry does not want you to think about what they do to animals. For this reason, it is difficult for anyone to get close to a slaughterhouse nowadays unless one is an employee. It is against the law for anyone to take photos or film inside a slaughterhouse in most states. The meat industry lobbyists spend a fortune hiding the truth about slaughterhouses from consumers. If an individual saw the creature they were about to eat slaughtered, they might think twice before wanting an animal killed for their consumption. I will never forget the time I went to Red Lobster, and the waiter brought a wriggling live lobster to the table and asked me if the crustacean met with my approval. I said, “Nevermind.” I could not eat it. 

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