The Rise of Veganism

There are several reasons why going vegan is becoming mainstream. The motives include health benefits, animal welfare, and concern for the environment. One thing is for sure, the vegan lifestyle is much more acceptable as the knowledge expands throughout the food movement. There is also a tendency for others to try the plant-based lifestyle if they know someone that is vegan and view the benefits. Another reason to go vegan deals with the big C group, the curious and the creative. It’s the ability to change one’s thinking from the image that vegans eat only dull salads. The big C Vegans enjoy experimenting with food and coming up with delicious recipes by way of transformation. Not only are restaurants adding vegan options, but there are vegan pop-up markets, plus many vegan ingredients are at grocery stores. Whatever the reason you choose to become vegan, know that the love and compassion you put forth in the universe is needed more than ever today.

Tip: As you cook and cut up your vegetables, place the unused parts of the vegetables in a large freezer bag. When the bag is full, you can add it to a pot of boiling water and season with salt and pepper to make home-made vegetable broth. Note: Here is the A to Z list of vegetables one should use or exclude.

Here are a few sites that relate to the above.

Vegan Environmental Concerns:

Vegan Health;

Sending you love and light on your journey.

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