A Vegan’s Giving Tuesday

PETA rocks my world! A dear friend lives in a part of Texas where the good ol’ boy rules (happens to occur in most of the state). Anyway, my friend had complained and complained to the Sheriff’s Department and the SPCA about the way these people were abusing their dogs. The Sheriff and the SPCA would do nothing!!! Occasionally, one of the 30 dogs managed to escape and run to my friend’s home. She would take the dog to a veterinarian because they were always sick, and then find the dog a furever home. These neighbors existed as unstable (long story for another time), and my friend feared if she stirred up trouble that they might cause her harm. Finally, she couldn’t take the animals starvation any longer, and she asked me to call PETA. I did, and within five days all the 30 dogs and several cats were rescued. PETA is my hero! PETA gets tough and will fight for those that can’t speak. I won’t tell you my friend’s name or where she lives for her safety. Inner peace exists in the knowledge that 40 animals will sleep better and eat tonight because of PETA. Thank you, PETA!  

Please, give what you can to help those that cannot speak. There are many animal rescues where your dollars can help and here are a few below. I am sending you love and light.



Mercy for Animals


Lone Star Bulldog Rescue


The Gentle Barn


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