A Vegan Says, “Oh-No!” to LDL Cholesterol.

The heart is the force of life. If one places their hand on one’s chest, one can feel the heart at work. Over one’s lifetime, the heart will beat three billion times.  Malfunctions of the heart kill more people than cancer or any other illness in America. Heart disease has been the number one cause of death for almost 100 years. The condition does not recognize race or gender, and all can be affected.

Heart disease is also referred to as coronary heart disease. Coronary disease is the chief cause of heart problems that can result in a heart attack. The body manufactures cholesterol on its own. Nonetheless, when one consumes animal-based foods, one is adding poor cholesterol to the body. The poor cholesterol triggers one’s body to manufacture good cholesterol to counter the plaque build-up. At some point, the battle is overthrown by one’s eating habits, and the bad cholesterol wins with a higher concentration. There are two forms of cholesterol, one of them being high-density lipoprotein, or HDL. HDL is good cholesterol. HDL protects the arteries by keeping them clear of plaque. The second form of cholesterol is the low-density lipoprotein that builds up on the walls of one’s arteries. The buildup of LDL can cause arteries to narrow, which prevents the flow of blood. Blood is essential, as it carries oxygen to the organs.

Cholesterol is essential for human cells to function correctly. It contributes to the density of the cells and keeps them from falling apart. The following body components are made up of cholesterol:

•   Estrogen – the hormone responsible for the evolution of female characteristics and reproduction.

•   Testosterone – the hormone responsible for the evolution of male characteristics.

•   Progesterone – the hormone that prepares the uterus for pregnancy.

•   Cortisol – an anti-inflammatory stress hormone

•   Aldosterone – regulates salt balance.

•   Vitamin D – found in the liver and responsible for absorbing calcium.

•   Bile – required for fat and vitamin absorption.

•   Brain synapses – neurotransmitter exchange.

•   Myelin sheath – insulates nerve cells.

The human body makes good cholesterol. All animal products eaten contain cholesterol that the human body does not need. Certain animal foods are unusually high in cholesterol, and these include liver, egg yolks, dairy fats, glandular organ meats, and brain. The liver is where the body makes cholesterol. Eggs and milk contain more cholesterol which is necessary for baby chicks and calves to grow. Glandular meats like the kidney and pancreas are abundant with high cholesterol because they are responsible for building hormones. Finally, the brain is high in cholesterol to insulate the electrical circuits.

Plants do contain cholesterol, but it is different from animal cholesterol. Our bodies are like kryptonite to plant cholesterol. Plant cholesterol goes through our body and is disposed of through one’s waste. Plant cholesterol is called phytosterols. The take away from all of the above is that animal products eaten are not healthy for the human body because of the LDL cholesterol. Whereas cholesterol from plants cannot be digested, and thus cannot harm the human body. 

Happy healthy eating! Sending you love and light.

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