A Vegan States, “Moo-ve Over Dairy Milk, Non-Dairy Milks are on the Rise.”

Picture that beautiful Holstein grazing in the pasture. Now wake up! That is what the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) wants one to believe. Nevertheless, in reality, dairy cows stand in feces all day, are breed over and over, and their calves are taken away from them immediately after birth. 

A cow’s milk is produced to feed a calf. “Milk is the perfect food – for calves,” states Marion Nestle, a nutritionist who studies food and public health. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) spends billions to tell the consumer how nutritional milk is for the human body. However, milk contains 87 percent water. The remaining 13 percent is fat. That fat contains the protein and carbohydrates that the IDFA promotes. 

The appeal of milk has soured, and what is causing humans to drink less milk? During the 1970s, the average American consumed approximately 30 gallons of milk per year. Today, the consumption of milk has dropped to 18 gallons annually. People are drinking alternative milk because of the options; many choose to drink non-dairy alternatives for their health and most substitute cow’s milk for fewer calories. Soy milk comes the closest to containing the same ingredients as milk. Nevertheless, soy milk does not contain casein. Casein is a carcinogen in dairy milk. T. Collin Campbell’s China study opened the world’s eyes to the milk protein casein. He discovered that he could turn on and off liver cancer by the amount of casein consumed.                   

The table below shows the alternatives for dairy milk. The list does not include a description of milk choices sold as combinations. For instance, one can purchase hazelnut/pistachio milk. One can visualize all the different options, and it becomes clear why the dairy industry is struggling. More consumers are making the switch to alternative milk as they find that the taste is not only refreshing but better for them. Not only have consumers switched from drinking dairy milk to other substitutes but the largest coffee chain, Starbucks, has added almond milk and coconut milk as a beverage choice. Here is a list of a few of the many alternatives to milk.

Almond MilkRice MilkSoy Milk
Hazelnut MilkCoconut MilkPistachio Milk
Hemp MilkCashew MilkFlax Milk
Oat Milk7-Grain MilkSunflower Milk

Milk alternatives are gaining momentum. In the future, there will be a day when one’s children and grandchildren will ask about the time when people drank milk from another animal and wonder why.

Tip: Delicious and refreshing homemade almond milk recipe.

Add agave nectar for a little sweetness.

Happy healthy eating!  Sending you love and light. 

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