A Vegan Explains a Heart Attack

The pressure was intense in his chest. Nonetheless, on Monday, John drove himself to the emergency room. By the time he arrived at the ER, the doctors had detected no signs of a heart attack. However, his age at seventy-one concerned the doctors enough that they kept him overnight to monitor him. The doctors at the hospital suggested that John see his primary care physician for a follow-up. On Wednesday, he saw his family doctor. John’s primary doctor recommended some tests for the following week. Unfortunately, on Friday he had chest pains all day. What was happening?

John’s left main coronary artery was blocked with the plaque from low-density lipoprotein, and the blood flow could not get through; eventually, the artery would break open. The body reacts to this bleeding by clotting. The clotting can mostly or entirely block the artery which keeps blood with rich oxygen from getting through. The deprived heart responds with pain. If not treated immediately, the portion of the heart muscle fed by the artery dies. Then healthy heart tissue is replaced by scar tissue.

John escaped death and was flown to the hospital by helicopter for an emergency stent. He is alive today but still chooses to eat a diet that is rich in animal fat. From his heart attack to the carotid artery in his neck that happened two years earlier to the stroke, which has left him partially blind, one would think John would change his diet. Yet, he is an example of the many Americans that choose to take medications over lifestyle changes. Nonetheless, pills are only treating the symptoms and not curing the disease. The cure for heart disease is to change to a plant-based lifestyle while reducing one’s total cholesterol to a level below 150mg/dl; while avoiding high-fat foods.

Don’t be a John. Eat healthy.

Sending you love and light.

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