Vegan Tip for Decorating Cakes

Cupcake decorated with Rose Piping Tip #10

Can you believe this is a topping for a cupcake? Created simply with the newest baking craze. These tips allow home bakers to create professional looking treats, fast and easy. Below is a link about creating with these icing tips. I prefer the taste of Miss Jones frosting and blend in 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to stiffen up the icing before piping. Miss Jones frosting is vegan and organic. Plus the taste is like homemade.

Here is the link promised showing creating with Russian Piping Tips.

Tulip Piping Tip #2

If you liked the video on creating with the Russian Piping Tips above, then you are going to enjoy the video produced by Global Sugar Art. The video below is full of tips and tricks that are less messy when creating your fabulous cake.

Russian Piping Tips by Global Sugar Art.

These piping tips are available on Amazon in different sized sets.

Created this eight inch double layer cake for my niece’s birthday.

Happy Baking! Sending you love and light.

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