Vegan Holiday Gift

Breville Sous Chef Peel & Dice Food Processor

It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, as a doctoral student, my budget would not stretch. Nevertheless, I went without fancy coffee drinks, and after a year saved enough to purchase an incredible food processor.

As a vegan, I’m always chopping, dicing, and peeling vegetables. The Breville Sous Chef Peel & Dice is a dream. I opened the box and followed the directions, and in one minute the machine peeled eight small potatoes. Yes, it peels potatoes!

Breville Food Processor Peeled Potatoes

If that is not amazing enough, it also dices in 12mm squares. The food processor diced all eight potatoes in perfect squares in less than 20 seconds. You can also buy the extra dicers in 8mm and 16 mm.

Breville Food Processor Diced Potatoes

If you know someone who is vegan or planning on taking the plunge, this machine is a perfect holiday gift. It not only peels and dices but meticulously completes all your food preparation needs. From slicing onions to almost any size to shredding and much, much more your Breville Food Processor will need to sit out on the counter because you will use it daily. The Breville Peel and Dice food processor reduces your preparation time and makes your food look beautiful.

Choose from .3mm to slicing

Wishing all your vegan dreams come true, and as always sending you love and light. Happy, compassionate cooking!

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