A Vegan Sleeps

Sleeping is essential to one’s recovery system. Trouble sleeping occurs from anxiety, or bad sleeping habits. Today, I want to discuss the latter.

If one is taking sleeping medications and natural sleep is not occurring, then the body will exude lethargy physically and mentally.

Here are some suggestions for good sleep. 

  • Turn off all electronics two hours before going to bed.
  • Do not have a television in bedroom or computers.
  • Take a warm bath, and clean sheets are a must. Make up your bed in the morning. Nothing feels better than getting into a well-made bed at night.
  • Stop drinking any caffeinated drinks at 2 pm.
  • Do not drink alcohol after 5 pm.
  • Do not eat after 4 pm. The body needs rest, and this includes the digestion system. 
  • When you get in bed turn off the light, and practice deep breathing while listening to one’s breath.
  • Every night go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. One’s sleep mode needs consistency.

Here’s to sleep because it restores one’s mind and body. Sending you love and light,

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