A Vegan’s New Year’s Resolution

Be the mountain for the goat.

None, because resolutions should be a daily or weekly commitment. If one chooses to wait until midnight on the first day in January to begin, then one probably will fail. Why not start now?

If the pledge is significant, then one should start today. The top New Year’s resolution is to become a better a person, which can begin today. 

Tip for today: Becoming a better person.

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

•    Begin with Self. Start with that little voice in one’s head. Think positive, and say the words out loud.

•    Quit blaming others. Concentrate on one’s commitment to growth, and worry less about what others are doing and saying.

•    Let go of resentment. Meditation helps when one feels angry. Stop and breathe. Headspace is a good app for meditation. https://www.headspace.com

•    Overlook and forgive others. One never knows what another person is going through in their life. 

•    Listen to other people. Be an active listener. These two seem effortless but are difficult for most people, because they are either eager to tell their story or afraid of silence.

•    Polite. ‘Thank you’ are two underused words. Try practicing these words and letting the individual know why you appreciate them.

•    Learn something new. Learning something new leads to self-confidence.

•    Do not forget to love the animals that cannot speak. Love will lift one’s heart.

One will not become better overnight, but print this list and add other tips. Read as a mantra daily.

Clinking champagne glasses to you!   Sending you love and light. 

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