A Vegan’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness improves the quality of all activities whether one is at work, school, or completing daily chores. The more focused on opening-up one’s awareness, the deeper the experience. When one shifts to mindfulness, then one begins to experience the current moment. It is about being in the now and soaking up the richness of awareness. 

Try mindfulness today. Just for a minute, stop and concentrate on listening to one’s breathing. When the mind begins to wander, bring it back to the breath. 


Be mindful at one’s next meal. Please, take a look at what is on one’s plate before consuming, and think about who and how it got there. Do not be in a rush to eat. Take time to enjoy the flavors of the food, and the colors on the plate. Being present while eating allows the brain to alert one when full, and is a signal to eat less while gratitude of the meal is enhanced.

Here’s to a day of practicing mindfulness. Sending you love and light.

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