Happy New You! A Vegan Talks Weight Loss

A Vegan Talks Weight Loss

Many individuals are looking for a quick weight loss program. There is not one! It is easier to gain weight, and much harder to take those pounds off. Nevertheless, with determination weight loss can occur. 

The addiction to food can become a behavior used to mask a psychological issue. Food can become an excuse for behavior that seems socially correct but if used in unhealthy ways can result in obesity. Food addicts usually consume high amounts of sugars and fats. The addictive brain senses these foods as a marked reward. An addiction to food is the loss of control over eating. The loss of control amounts to overeating fried and sugary foods, without the balance of nutrition. Lack of control can also include excessive amounts of eating and finding it difficult to stop. These can encompass odd dietary behavior from not consuming food during the day to gorging on food from evening to bedtime and other unhealthy eating habits. The drive can include lying or manipulating others to feed their addiction. The addictive eater may even hide food in desk drawers to keep others unaware of their habit. Food addicts are prime consumers for the fad diets. These diets are intended for short-term, and that is the problem. A nutrition-based regime should be a life-long habit, and not something short lived. With these advertised diets, individuals lose weight quickly, but as they do their body feels starved. Once they quit, they not only gain back their initial weight but usually gain extra pounds, making these diets unhealthy. The addictive eater can benefit from a plant-based regime, especially a whole plant food lifestyle. Optimally one should eat for good health since food is nutrients for the body.

I lost over seventy-four pounds, but my goal was not only weight loss but to become a healthier, happier individual. 

Here is how I did it.

GO vegan as a lifelong lifestyle habit.

STOP eating after 4:00 pm. One will sleep so much better.

STOP drinking alcohol. 

STOP eating sweets until one has hit their personal goal weight.

DO eat breakfast. 

DO weigh daily. 

FIND a doctor that is vegan. 

Recipes for vegan health and nutrition.


Here are the supplements that I take.


Garden of Life Vegan Vitamin – Be sure it states it is vegan.

Garden of Life raw organic protein

Nature’s Bounty B12

Sending you love and light.

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