Saving Money and Living Vegan

It does not cost more to go vegan. One only needs to be thoughtful, organized, and plan. 

Tips:  To save money and eat vegan.

•    Freeze leftovers

•    Freeze, Freeze, Freeze. One would not believe all the items that last longer if frozen. One can freeze, bread, butter, nuts, cooked pasta, corn on the cob, garlic, hummus, sandwiches, onions, Daiya shreds, and many other foods. Check before freezing.

•    Plan meals and look for grocery store sales

•    Buy at specialty markets, such as the Asian markets where one can buy large quantities of tofu and break it up and freeze

•    Cook at home, and eat out less  

•    Buy in bulk – But only the items one will use 

•    Compare prices at different stores

•    Use apps to find the best prices

•    Stock up when grocery items are on sale

•    Do not buy prepared foods

•    Use coupons

Planning is one way to save money. Look at what is in the pantry before shopping. Try to make meals around the ingredients in one’s cupboard. 

Below is a link to Value Vegan Meals.

Eat Compassionately! Save Money and Save Lives. Sending you love and light.

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