Play, Creativity, and the Vegan

Farmer’s Market Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

Playing is an essential ingredient in almost any creative endeavor. The relevance of fun in the kitchen helps me discover a cake that is moist. Taking on a challenge can bring about enjoyment, such as making a meatless loaf which no one can tell is any different from the traditional meatloaf. The fun is in taking a recipe and finding alternative ways to reinvent the dish using vegan alternatives. An open-minded curiosity brings about breakthroughs for the creative cook.

Part of the pleasure is viewing the shifting of the food industry as they realize people want healthy choices. Grocery stores are beginning to meet that need. An example is the popularity of Whole Foods grocery store. Whole Foods originated out of Austin, Texas and specialized in nutritional organic foods. These Stores can be found nationwide and on Amazon. Local markets offer another opportunity to discover healthy food options. Often, there are vegan pop-up stores with different vendors for a weekend. Opportunities abound to find healthy food, but it does take the desire to uncover them.

Creative play is not only limited to cooking. It can be any form of artistic expression. For instance, it can result from the pleasure of inspiration from another person. At lunch, a discussion ensued about a doctor who happens to be vegan. Then laughter occurred about eating him. It was only in good fun because the word ‘vegan’ is both a noun and an adjective. Allow oneself to laugh. Laughter and play are genuinely therapeutic outlets. 

You are the inspiration! Spread laughter and play today. Sending you love and light.

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