Eating Out as a Vegan

Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles

Today, my discussion is on eating out. One of the most intimate experiences a person can have is eating out and socializing with friends. As a vegan, these times can be tough especially, if the restaurant is not vegan-friendly. Changing one’s mind and attitude is part of the vegan transformation. One does not have to indulge in food to have social involvement. The brain has been trained to connect food with intimacy. This practice is only perceived through one’s experiences — the personal relationship results from people sharing time, and not eating. If food were the source of friendship, one would never have to speak to another person to connect. Once one realizes that food is only an extra and not needed to have a personal relationship, then one can socialize without worrying about eating.

When eating out, one needs to know their options. Most of the time restaurants post menus on the web. If the restaurant does not have a menu, then one can call and ask if they have vegan dishes. If the restaurant does not offer a vegan choice, then eat before meeting up to keep the brain in a not hungry mode while meeting. Restaurants with their aromas of fats and sweets are temptations for the new vegan. Plan on only ordering a drink. Enjoy time with the other person or people. One can always eat at home. Remember that food is only secondary to the enjoyment of another individual. They are the reason one chooses to get together. Think of being mindful of the time with that person. Listen attentively, and enjoy the time together.

Eat compassionately and love intensely.

Personal Message to You

I am so honored and grateful that you are here! A big welcome to my blog followers, and to those of you who check in now and then. You lift my heart with love. It is because of you that I am inspired to continue. Thank you!

Sending you love and light as you continue your journey.

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