Vegan Vacation Planning

January is the perfect month to plan one’s summer vacation. With the dark days of winter looming over one’s spirit. It is fun to envision the future filled with sunlight and an assortment of relaxing days. This month is the best time to determine a break alone or with family and friends. Here are a couple of vegan vacation ideas.

Baltic Sea in July 2019

Planning one’s vacation can start with the vegan Baltic Sea Cruise. Never worry about carting luggage, when a ship with one’s room follows from city-to-city. This vegan voyage is an eleven day and ten-night cruise where one will visit eight cities in seven countries. The price includes all the vegan meals and snacks, and a host of other amenities. The best part is meeting new vegan friends. The ship MS Vasco Da Gama cruise will depart on July 22, 2019, and returns on August 1, 2019. One will want to rush and book their vegan dream vacation now. Below is the link.

Holistic Holiday at Sea

If one would rather stay closer to stateside, then the Holistic Holiday at Sea is the cruise for you. This vegan cruise happens once a year and departs from Miami. Holistic Holiday cruise only takes place once a year, and the lineup of educational speakers on the vegan lifestyle is fabulous. One’s itinerary will include all vegan meals and snack all the time, plus so many events. The Holistic Holiday at Sea offers an opportunity for one to take excursions and have the adventure of a lifetime. Below is the link to Holistic Holiday at Sea.

These two cruises are tailor-made for the curious vegan that does not want to lug their baggage with them from city to city while trying to find vegan meals. Also, one can relax knowing that the meals are compassionate, and then one can focus on learning, living, and exploring other cultures.

Enjoy life and plan one’s vacation to lift the spirit. Sending you love and light.

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