Chain Restaurant with *Secret* Vegan Menu

Yes, On the Border (OTB) offers a vegan menu. Can you believe it? OTB is now offering Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. The menu is still a bit of a secret. Look at the following link before you go and show your order to the server. 

Realizing I’m in Cowtown, I was probably the first customer to order off the vegan menu. It was necessary to show them my request on my phone. However, they have a nice selection of vegan items.

I chose the two corn tortillas filled with fresh avocado slices and roasted triple chili blend. The enchiladas were smothered in tomatillo sauce and topped with pico de gallo. They were served with lime cilantro rice and black beans which made a perfect match. The meal was scrumptious.

I highly recommend these enchiladas if you don’t mind the heat. I cannot wait to try another dish from OTB. Let them know how much you appreciate the vegan options.  

Sending you love and light.

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