A Vegan Speaks About Love

Affection for those that give one joy is natural, but loving those that cause you pain is difficult. Nevertheless, it is essential to try and understand even the most challenging behavior. One never knows what another is going through. 

One needs to be mindful of what others are going through even if they behave poorly. Some individuals pretend that life is perfect, but as humans, each of us copes with struggles. Life is in constant flux, and some of these changes can be extremely difficult. Be there to give a needed hug or a good listen for a friend. When I say listen, I mean put down whatever you are doing, and be in the moment with that individual. So often individuals listen to others while doing other things. It is not possible to be connected if one is not present. Show empathy. Another person’s issue may not match up with what you consider distressing but remember it is important to them, and that is what counts. 

Nevertheless, one needs to be aware that there are some humans with cruel and hurtful intentions. One needs to protect themselves from harm. There is a fine line between loving and supporting those suffering and protecting oneself from getting hurt. One will not be able to encourage others if distressed. The combination of protecting oneself and loving others is essential to compassion.

May Valentine’s Day remind you to show compassion toward all living creatures.

Sending you love and light. 

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