Celebrating Veganniversary!

The month of March is my Veganniversary. I am celebrating seven years not eating animals or their by-products. It passed so quickly. According to PETA, 200 animals live every year when you choose to go vegan. That is a total of 1400 animals over seven years.

Not only did animals live, but my health improved. My cholesterol, sugar, and weight are at normal levels, and besides some of my silly behavior (which is recommended), I am healthier than most people that are younger.

Some people on social media request a donation for their birthday. I am asking that you go meatless on Monday, and that would make me happy. If you want to make me ecstatic, then please donate to PETA. Moreover, to make me over-the-moon, go vegan. The animals, your health, and the planet will thank you.

PETA website: https://www.peta.org

Sending you love and light. Compassion First!

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