This Restaurant is Closed for Good. So Sorry to see it go. Dallas Restaurant Offers Vegan Options

LALA’S Mexican Cafe

LALA’s Mexican Café, located at the crossroads of Northwest Highway and Preston in Dallas, TX. As you enter LALA’s the experience feels like a nondescript storefront. A wall guides you to the cash register where you place your order. The feeling is a bit rushed since the menus are at the counter. You either need to know what you want to eat before you go or be prepared to order quickly. The cashier will then give you a number, and a server will bring the food to your table. The drinks are self-serve. The atmosphere is similar to Chipotle. 

LALA’s Mexican Cafe

The vegan enchiladas are my favorite. However, the side of rice tasted crunchy, but the beans were delicious. The vegan queso is very mild. A bit too bland for my Texas taste buds. The street tacos were good. Overall, a great experience and would recommend if you want something new and different.

If you are ordering vegan, ask for their vegan menu. Below is a photo of LALA’s vegan menu.

LALA’S physical address is, 6030 Luther Ln, suite 140. If you are on the tollway, go south on Northwest Highway, and a quick right on Douglas. Then take a left onto Luther Lane. Luther is a one-way street heading south. If you are lucky, you can get a parking spot in the shopping strip. However, if you are meeting someone there, you will want to get to LALA’s early to find a place to park. 

Good news, if you are near the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, a new vegan restaurant is opening this spring. VFH (Vegan Food House) is the new restaurant and more information when this restaurant opens.

Sending you love and light. Compassion first!

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