Colcannon Potatoes

The freezer is my friend. I tend to cook for the masses, which causes a lot of leftovers. The French mashed potatoes that I made in July were ready for a makeover. I took them out of the freezer and created Colcannon potatoes.

Colcannon is an ancient dish served initially on Halloween, and these potatoes are rich in Irish and Celtic history. Initially, these potatoes used cabbage and the first syllable ‘col’ derives from the Irish ‘cál’ meaning cabbage. Colcannon potatoes can be made with kale, spinach, or cabbage, and are rich with non-dairy milk and vegan butter. Onions and spinach give this dish flavor.

Colcannon Potatoes

The recipe is going to vary on the amount of mashed potatoes.

Step 1: In a large pan, sauté onions and garlic in extra virgin olive oil for about three minutes.

Step 2: Add spinach to the onions and garlic and cover pan for one minute.

Step 3: When the spinach has wilted add mashed potatoes and combine.

Step 4: Add unsweetened non-dairy milk and butter if needed. However, my mashed potatoes were so creamy that I did not have to include. Stir until potatoes thicken up as water from the spinach evaporates.

Live Compassionately! Sending you love and light.

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