Taco Diner

Vegan Bowl

The Taco Diner (TD) offers a vegan dish that won’t disappoint. The vegan bowl is a combination of warmth, yet full of greens. The Taco Diner is part of the M Crowd restaurant group, which includes Mi Cocina, The Mercury, and Taco Diner. There are six Taco Diners in the DFW area.

If you are visiting the DFW area and are vegan, you can find a satisfying meal at the TD. If you are like me and need a break from cooking, then TD is a treat. The service is excellent, and the ingredients are tasty and fresh. The atmosphere is comfortable, as you settle into your table or booth and enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner. You can even try their authentic guacamole tacos. They make every effort to accommodate your culinary plant-based appetite.

Below is their website where you can view the menu and all of the locations/hours.


Compassion first! Sending you love and light.

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