Let Food be Thy Medicine – Hippocrates

The period of putting bacon on top of your entree or eating giant portions is over. Health is on everyone’s mind, especially at this time of year after the holiday indulgence. All one needs to do is look at the rise of meat substitutes and the growth of vegan restaurants. Health is not the only reason to eat plant-based foods, but choosing a vegan lifestyle helps the environment, the climate, and for ethical purposes.

All protein originates from plants, and if one is worried about getting enough protein, re-think plants.

Check out this documentary:
The Game Changers (Documentary on Netflix)

Last year, I predicted that more people would go vegan, and after visiting California, I was correct. California has so many plant-based diners that my time would not allow me to sample them all. Plus, if the restaurant was not vegan, then most had plant-based options. Unfortunately, it is slow to move to Texas, but these California restaurants are a sign of our times. Food is a secret weapon for our bodies.

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