Play, Creativity, and the Vegan

Farmer’s Market Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

Playing is an essential ingredient in almost any creative endeavor. The relevance of fun in the kitchen helps me discover a cake that is moist. Taking on a challenge can bring about enjoyment, such as making a meatless loaf which no one can tell is any different from the traditional meatloaf. The fun is in taking a recipe and finding alternative ways to reinvent the dish using vegan alternatives. An open-minded curiosity brings about breakthroughs for the creative cook.

Part of the pleasure is viewing the shifting of the food industry as they realize people want healthy choices. Grocery stores are beginning to meet that need. An example is the popularity of Whole Foods grocery store. Whole Foods originated out of Austin, Texas and specialized in nutritional organic foods. These Stores can be found nationwide and on Amazon. Local markets offer another opportunity to discover healthy food options. Often, there are vegan pop-up stores with different vendors for a weekend. Opportunities abound to find healthy food, but it does take the desire to uncover them.

Creative play is not only limited to cooking. It can be any form of artistic expression. For instance, it can result from the pleasure of inspiration from another person. At lunch, a discussion ensued about a doctor who happens to be vegan. Then laughter occurred about eating him. It was only in good fun because the word ‘vegan’ is both a noun and an adjective. Allow oneself to laugh. Laughter and play are genuinely therapeutic outlets. 

You are the inspiration! Spread laughter and play today. Sending you love and light.


Saving Money and Living Vegan

It does not cost more to go vegan. One only needs to be thoughtful, organized, and plan. 

Tips:  To save money and eat vegan.

•    Freeze leftovers

•    Freeze, Freeze, Freeze. One would not believe all the items that last longer if frozen. One can freeze, bread, butter, nuts, cooked pasta, corn on the cob, garlic, hummus, sandwiches, onions, Daiya shreds, and many other foods. Check before freezing.

•    Plan meals and look for grocery store sales

•    Buy at specialty markets, such as the Asian markets where one can buy large quantities of tofu and break it up and freeze

•    Cook at home, and eat out less  

•    Buy in bulk – But only the items one will use 

•    Compare prices at different stores

•    Use apps to find the best prices

•    Stock up when grocery items are on sale

•    Do not buy prepared foods

•    Use coupons

Planning is one way to save money. Look at what is in the pantry before shopping. Try to make meals around the ingredients in one’s cupboard. 

Below is a link to Value Vegan Meals.

Eat Compassionately! Save Money and Save Lives. Sending you love and light.

A Vegan’s Emergency Pantry

During the cold winter when family and friends surround one for the holidays, it is not unusual to catch a cold or the flu. Soups are excellent to have on hand when one is feeling ill.

Keke, the labradoodle rescue photobombed the picture.

Amy’s products are free of meat, but some contain dairy or cheese. 

TIP: Please become a label reader. It is incredible how the same food can contain dairy, while some do not. For instance, all bagels are not dairy free. One cannot assume. As a vegan one must become a steward of health, animal welfare, and the environment.

Happy mindful eating. Sending you love and light.

Vegan Potato Soup

Potato Soup

Potato soup is comforting any time of year but especially when it is cold outside. I picked one of my favorite soup recipes. Root Veggies are the star of this potato soup. I am thankful for the potato, onion, and carrots that make this soup zing. Bonus: This recipe is only 150 calories per serving.

Simple Spinach Salad Recipe

Combine baby spinach with finely chopped carrots and diced apple. Use sparingly a non-oil balsamic vinaigrette dressing over salad, from Forks over Knives. See recipe below.

Remember to practice mindfulness. Sending you love and light.

Obesity and the Vegan Lifestyle


A plant-based lifestyle can improve health in individuals who are overweight. Carrying extra weight tends to cause other chronic diseases to occur. Obesity is beginning to replace malnutrition as a factor in ill-health. One’s body mass index (BMI) determines whether a person is obese.

National Institute of Health BMI indicator:

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if one’s BMI number is 30 or above, then one is considered obese. Certain illnesses associated with obesity are major health issues including coronary heart diseases (which includes high blood pressure), sleep-breathing disorders, type 2 diabetes, and certain forms of cancer. There are multiple factors associated with obesity, and excessive weight results from genetics, environment, and the relationship between thoughts and social influences.

Case Study in Obesity and the Effects of Plant-Based Lifestyle

Tracy Ryan had been obese her whole life. When she was only twelve years old, she weighed approximately 200 pounds. While other teenagers were wearing trending outfits, Tracy had to buy older women’s clothing to fit her body. She was unhappy, and by the age of twenty-nine, she was on the road to having severe health issues, with a weight of 345 pounds. After getting her doctors permission to start a vegan lifestyle and exercise, Tracy began by cleaning out her kitchen and throwing away any of the foods that contained animal-sourced products. With her new coach, Juan, by her side, she went grocery shopping. Tracy could eat fruits and vegetables, and she kept a bowl of fruit, instead of candy bars at her desk at work. They began, very slowly and with baby steps, to exercise. She lost 12 pounds in the first week. The second week, she had lost a total of 28 pounds. The weight was coming off quickly, while her strength and endurance increased. Tracy kept up her lifestyle toward good health, and after a year, she had lost 200 pounds and started to run marathons. 


Here is hoping one finds a path to healthier, happier life! Sending you love and light.

Happy New You! A Vegan Talks Weight Loss

A Vegan Talks Weight Loss

Many individuals are looking for a quick weight loss program. There is not one! It is easier to gain weight, and much harder to take those pounds off. Nevertheless, with determination weight loss can occur. 

The addiction to food can become a behavior used to mask a psychological issue. Food can become an excuse for behavior that seems socially correct but if used in unhealthy ways can result in obesity. Food addicts usually consume high amounts of sugars and fats. The addictive brain senses these foods as a marked reward. An addiction to food is the loss of control over eating. The loss of control amounts to overeating fried and sugary foods, without the balance of nutrition. Lack of control can also include excessive amounts of eating and finding it difficult to stop. These can encompass odd dietary behavior from not consuming food during the day to gorging on food from evening to bedtime and other unhealthy eating habits. The drive can include lying or manipulating others to feed their addiction. The addictive eater may even hide food in desk drawers to keep others unaware of their habit. Food addicts are prime consumers for the fad diets. These diets are intended for short-term, and that is the problem. A nutrition-based regime should be a life-long habit, and not something short lived. With these advertised diets, individuals lose weight quickly, but as they do their body feels starved. Once they quit, they not only gain back their initial weight but usually gain extra pounds, making these diets unhealthy. The addictive eater can benefit from a plant-based regime, especially a whole plant food lifestyle. Optimally one should eat for good health since food is nutrients for the body.

I lost over seventy-four pounds, but my goal was not only weight loss but to become a healthier, happier individual. 

Here is how I did it.

GO vegan as a lifelong lifestyle habit.

STOP eating after 4:00 pm. One will sleep so much better.

STOP drinking alcohol. 

STOP eating sweets until one has hit their personal goal weight.

DO eat breakfast. 

DO weigh daily. 

FIND a doctor that is vegan. 

Recipes for vegan health and nutrition.

Here are the supplements that I take.

Garden of Life Vegan Vitamin – Be sure it states it is vegan.

Garden of Life raw organic protein

Nature’s Bounty B12

Sending you love and light.

A Vegan’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness improves the quality of all activities whether one is at work, school, or completing daily chores. The more focused on opening-up one’s awareness, the deeper the experience. When one shifts to mindfulness, then one begins to experience the current moment. It is about being in the now and soaking up the richness of awareness. 

Try mindfulness today. Just for a minute, stop and concentrate on listening to one’s breathing. When the mind begins to wander, bring it back to the breath. 


Be mindful at one’s next meal. Please, take a look at what is on one’s plate before consuming, and think about who and how it got there. Do not be in a rush to eat. Take time to enjoy the flavors of the food, and the colors on the plate. Being present while eating allows the brain to alert one when full, and is a signal to eat less while gratitude of the meal is enhanced.

Here’s to a day of practicing mindfulness. Sending you love and light.