Preparing for Cold Weather with a Vegan Chili Recipe

As a Texan, chili was comfort food in my home. When the weather gets cold outside, chili reminds me of the warmth of my family and childhood. So, I was thrilled to try Vaishali’s vegan chili recipe. You can find her recipe at the link below.

Vaishali’s Avocado Crema is super delicioso! This crema could be used on finger sandwiches or eaten with crisps.

I made a couple of substitutions because I love a thick spicy chili.

I substituted Gardein crumbles for the pinto beans. Then I added a kick of heat by chopping up a jalapeño pepper finely and adding it to the chili. It turned out fabulous!

Sending you warmth, love, and light. Snuggle-up when it get’s cold.